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Latvian Championship and FREKO Cup Rally Supersprints "Midsummer" 22.06.2014., Smiltene, "Teperis" standard and sports cars (3306)

Latvian Championship and FREKO Cup Rally Supersprints "Midsummer" 22.06.2014., Smiltene, "Teperis" standard and sports cars.

Participants must: http://4rati.lv/sacensibu-kategorija/sacensibu-dalibnieki/?sacensiba=441834

For participants, registration:  http://4rati.lv/rallija-supersprints-2014/

Closing date 20/06/2014. at. 17:00

For super sprint course and winners: http://www.go4speed.lv/lv/news/supersprints/3515-dublu-cinas-ligo-supersprinta-smiltene/

Photo: http://www.go4speed.lv/lv/photo/supersprints/780-rallija-supersprinta-3-posms/


"Wayfarers Luste Smiltenē" on June 21 (7)

This summer, we invite you to enjoy the magic of the sunflower heart of Vidzeme - Smiltenē!
With the exciting holiday program, unprecedented measures encourage large and small to
"Wayfarers lustēm Smiltenē", where their 55-year anniversary with us celebrate roads and bridges
construction company "CBR 8"! Smiltene has always been rich in many years and built
streets, roads, bridges, residential houses and public buildings. Celebration will be able to watch
way of writing the show, road construction equipment receivables, Ghetto Games competitions, John Rozīša
Streetbike Freestyle show, motorcycle debts plunge artisans' market and quench your soul
Happiness Festival!
9:45 Smiltene brass band awaken the church tower of the city
At Applied Art Studio 10:00 to 16:00
We invite those who want to buy and sell, creative, art of living checkers! You will find yourself much
interesting and exciting: delve into the craft market yourself and tell the world - I'm Happy
participate in the "Fazer" vitality workshop gouge your happiness horseshoe, acquire new knowledge
of herbal teas, feast on regional competition "sweet cheese cake", enjoy the moment, to meet own
or just have a great time with smilteniešiem and guests!

10:00 to 15:00 Crafters Market
10:00 Opening of the festival along with choirs and small Smiltene dancers
10:00 to 14:00 Interactive Happiness camera. Every visitor is invited to leave a key
the phrase "I'm happy!" And maybe you'll be one of the happiest in at. 23:00
Luck lottery, open-air stage "Jāņukalns" gets a prize
11:00 to 14:00 Happy Workshop - Happiness blacksmith, dream catcher making, happiness
and other well doings
11:00 to 12:00 Z / S "Bābēni" lecture "given natural happiness" of herbal teas, medicinal plants,
vegetables and happiness
11:00 Other steaming the plant switches without bath together with a joyful and masseurs
bathhouse attendant Anna Luteri
11:00 to 16:00 Happiness Corner youth - youth stories and songs about happiness, happiness
drawing posters
12:00 to 14:30 Regional Competition "Sweet Cheese Cake"
Regulations www.sieraklubs.lv
12:30 Andrzej Reiter lecture "Happiness is the real sense of human nature" - this is done by
itself, the surrounding, the planet and the universe, being happy and how to develop themselves
13:30 Concert "vortex of Happiness" - speaks Smiltenes county amateurs
14:30 Regional Competition "Sweet Cheese Cake" award ceremony
15:00 Latvian dances "Come SADANCIS!"
3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. "drawing in Smiltene belt" - an hour with the help of those present will be created
Figure Smiltene belt, which izaudīs TLMS "Smiltene" weavers. Belt will be constructed with
each participant put the idea a story character, song or picture.
16:00 to 5:00 p.m. Concert "The wind in my wings" - the early music concert with the ancient
instruments connoisseur Eve Niman, Changeling Birch, Liene Brenci.

Church Square 10.00 - 18th 00 events run by Renars Zeltins
Welcome to the sports, Exciting, moto fans and recreation lovers! You will find yourself much
interesting and exciting - to get a tattoo or a new elegant hairstyle interior "Tom deep" bench
participate in the Ghetto Games games or hand-wrestle, photographed on the "Retro Smiltene" background plunge insoles game, enjoy the art Body art or gladden the eyes of motorcyclists
Parade, meet own or just have a great time with smilteniešiem and guests
Smiltene "background insoles plunge into the game, enjoy the art Body art or gladden the eyes of motorcyclists
Parade, meet own or just have a great time with smilteniešiem and guests!
10:00 to 12:00 Registration Floorball Ghetto Ghetto and basketball tournaments. Regulations and
login www.ghettofamily.com
10:00 Smiltenes Cup insole (Top center application at the race venue. 9.30)
10:00 to 13:00 Smiltene Klondike DART (darts) and
Kick boxing championship
10:00 to 16:00 Speedminton
11:00 to 12:00 hour Youth
Smiltene Gymnasium young Laura Vizule Smiltene center school young pop group
12:00 to 16:00 Ghetto Games
Ghetto Floorball
Ghetto Basket
Ghetto Arms armwrestling championship
Ghetto Workout street gymnastics
15:00 Retro hairstyle demonstrations at the corner photo
17:00 John and Laura Rozīša Kleibaha team Stuntfighters motto freestyle show
17:45 Ghetto Games awards ceremony
18:00 Motorcycle parade ride in the city center (Route - Peasant Yard (Abulas
Daugava and street crossing) - Church Square - Garden Street - Dakteru street - Forest Street -
Awakening street - Church Square (Castle Street) - Abulas street - the Daugava River Street - Valka rotation
circle Daugava Street - Mill Street - Station Street - Valka rotation circle - Weavers street -
Gauja street towards the center - Raina street - Riga Street - Vaļņu and Riga Street intersection)

Teper car track 13:00 to 16:00
13:00 to 16:00 Road building demonstrations, a parade of equipment, the possibility of
take a picture and board machinery, talk to the road builders
11.30 Excursion "Smiltene - traveler city" (stop at the Tourist Information Centre, the destination Teper car
15:00 Excursion "Smiltene - travelers town '(stop at Teper car route, the destination
Children's playground
10:00 to 14:00 Children morning along with the heroes of fairy house
Open-air stage "Jāņukalns"
19:00 Festive speech
Smiltene's open-air theater show "Wife wars with Beelzebub."
Directed by Agris Masen
Admission to the show - 2 euro
22:00 Lustig night party with groups - "Milky Way", Normunds Jakušonoka and "Type
Orchestra "and Latvian energetic DJ duo MBerg B2B Ansis Zvirgzdiņš
Entrance to Prom Night - 3 euros
Lustēsimies Smiltenē-
June 21 Smiltene holidays
22.jūnijsLatvija Championship 3rd stage super sprint "Midsummer Smiltenē"
23 June Midsummer Eve


Andris Jurciņš Estonia Tapas race wins 2nd place. (1)

Andris Jurciņš Estonia Tapas race wins 2nd place.

Smiltenietis Andris Jurciņš Estonia, spikes, won second place in the Baltic Cup Stage 2. Estonia and autocross championship GAZ51/52 first stage:



Summer SPRINT "Smiltene 2014" 01/06/2014 2nd stage. (30)

Summer SPRINT "Smiltene 2014" 01/06/2014 2nd stage.
Category: Sports, Results, Sprint see 6.1.2014 2nd phase. Results!


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