Starting in spring 2020, go-karting will be available.

Thanks to Abula Rural Partnership, LAD and ALTUM have started the project "Promotion of Motor Sports for Children, Young People and Adults in Smiltene Region".

The karts will be available on specific days and times according to a scheduled calendar of activities and events, in more detail:

The plans include training children and young people on karting, maintenance, and the correct trajectory.

There are also plans to organize 5th event stages KARTING SMILTENE 2020.

Classes: 1) Children;

2) youth;

3) adults;

4) ladies;

5) companies.

Karting for children and adolescents SODI LR5 with Honda 200 cm3 engine from 7 - 12 years, height 1.30 m.

Karting for adults SODI SR5 with engine Honda 390 cm3 from 13 years old, height 1,40 m.


Karting double for training and driving SODI 2DRIVE with Honda 390 cm3 engine. Ideal for learning driving techniques and for involving children or people with disabilities to enjoy the ride.

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16.12.2019 14:50
No cik gadiem bērni paši varēs braukt ?
16.12.2019 15:09
SODIKART rūpnīca iesaka: 1) bērniem ar kartingu LR5 no 7 gadiem un ar augumu no 1,30 m; 2) jauniešiem, pieaugušajiem ar kartingu SR5 no 13 gadiem un ar augumu no 1,40 m.
16.12.2019 15:13
Protams ka ir iespējami izņēmumu gadījumi, katru skatot individuāli.