Go-kart track .

1962 Smiltene 8.CBR amateurs visited Talsos and there the traveler mechanic Guntis Hermanovskis saw the unusual racing car , which he liked very much . At their own expense Hermanovskis built the first kart Smiltenē and began trennēties . Racing cars built in Ansis Bomis and Ojārs Stege . Wayfarers administration backed a spinning class and Brutuļu gravel quarry installed 1000 m long race track , which was held on September 15 , 1963 the first race . Brutuļu track served until 1967 , but its sponsor Hermanovskis after April 1966 in Riga experienced no accidents not get out of his sick bed .

In 1969 , Smiltene 8.CBR and other city organizations and support their own athletes' participation at Teper lake built a new 1050 m long and 7 m wide asphalt- kart track . Track designer 8.CBR engineer Egil Malteniekam managed to create the ring that serves to this day . It was the first of its kind in the Latvian and throughout the Soviet Union. Go-kart track 1050 m was built in 1969 and the Soviet times it was the second best kart track in the Soviet Union . Three thousand viewers since its launch on July 27 in the presence of the SSR spanning , which was attended by Georgian and Leningrad athletes.

Go-kart on August 8 , 1971 for the first time took place in the USSR Championship . 14.savienoto republic participated teams with 130 participants. Won Latvia . Two years later, experts were found to be the best karting track in the country ( the Soviet Union ) . It Smiltene boasted a number of years , then here occurred in seven of the USSR championship.

Motorsport .

In this performance, as we see now , did not exist before the war . Car was little. Latvian sports Smiltene department organized tours ( tskorso trips ) with your own car to the surrounding towns and beautiful places in Latvian .

After the war, the first autocross competitions held around the mound . Started in 1958, the MRS driver Smiltene A.Žīgurs , B.Tonne and A.Paulēns with their work cars several times apriņķoja mound . Later rebuilt write-down trucks and adapted the race tracks and sports regulations. Also involved in motor racing driver 8.CBR F.Lasmanis , E.Mežulis , J.Recebs from 7.CP - T.Nīmants , K.Tūcis , Juris Lauris , J.Pogulis .

In 1962, all of the above mentioned organizations merged and created Smiltene public car - the motto of the club, was elected chairman of Apple Arnold .

For several years, autocross track was Klievu lake side town , but the 1968 autocross competitions took place 1.5 miles to the lake behind Klievu Cērtene river . Coastal meadow was enough room to stand before the starting line up dozens of cars . At the start , the audience for the pleasure of racing cars had to cross the river , then came the spring-influenced ride through meadows , once swampy coast of the river , and then the car at high speed aiztraucās forest road . The popular racetrack behind Lake Klievu been more than 20 autocross races , even two USSR Championships . In 1973 there took place the newspaper " Trud " award competition . Usually competed GAZ -51 car , but was also ZIL - 130th

Over the years, Friends of Nature found that the trucks destroyed tree roots , polluting the river and air. Also, riders , spectators and judges track was not transparent, it was short and to the same tree of danger. Racers had to look for a more appropriate place for a new track .

In a summer day , going from a swim in the lake Niedrāja , racers Ilmar action in the field , and John Brass stopped at Kaup pig farm and found that they are behind the pig pasture and scrub . Also in the vicinity of the existing tarmac seemed useful .

It turned out that the land belongs to Smiltene agriculture professional who was willing to rent athletes. Wasting time and inviting the Executive Board VĪGANTS , they began to set the track , removing old barbed wire fence, cut bushes with 29.arodvidusskolas bulldozer created a track terrain. The work began in August 1994 , and after a month and a half kilometers of track was in order.

Runs inaugural race was dedicated to the memory of John's action in the field . Before races players through Smiltene left column , then the audience first saw the buggies . Smiltene represented Andris Berzins , J.Misiņš , A.Paulsons , N.Atars . Son Ilmar action in the field for three years in a row was Latvian champion GAZ -51 truck class, but now the running order is just a few cars in this class , they take part in the big race breaks ( show program - overcoming water obstacles ) .

Smiltene autocross track in 2001 as the best Latvian . This has been achieved by the Society for Technical Sports Club " Smiltene " huge collective work , which for many years led Vairis Tralla . Regularly in the state championships in various stages of car classes. In recent years, the club gained appreciable success in young people - Raymond Bridge and John Alexeyev .

Historical article taken from George's book published in 2004 Zušmaņa SMILTENE Times and Fates.

Rally route - the combined kart and autocross track of 2.6 km in length was connected to 17.07.2004 in order here could be in the amateur rally special stage and MILZIS Smiltene amateur race automobile universe with standard cars. Before joining the rally runs MILZIS special stages held separately karting, autocross tracks and asfaltētajā the area between the tracks. Smiltene amateur competitions before bonding took place kart track or autocross track. Later Latvian motorsport motorsports creating a new discipline - Rally Supersprints, and then on the rally track was renamed the super sprint track.