Autocross: What Sarup Smiltenes list of participants? Autocross: What Sarup Smiltenes list of participants?

Autocross: What Sarup Smiltenes list of participants?

Otradiena, August 19, 2014th

After a small holiday resort to Latvian autocross championship on the penultimate - the fourth stage of the waiting feast. What this Sunday, August 24 will start Smiltenē, Teper track? Of course, most of the regular championship victory and point divider. However, there are still over a nuance.

1600: Returning to an old car, Bogen intrigue

1600 is going to surprise generous Raivis Grigorovičs, leaving a long cross-country track car - Peugeot 106 Maxi. Car made its debut cross-country race in 1998, when the Latvian oil wrestling team went with John Bogdanovic bow (though this seems to be a team member of a car), but the last full-fledged removed before the championship starts almost ten years ago, when it piloted Džonis Sultanov.

Raivis taken over by the car, and for some time preparing the upcoming battles.

Hence Grigorovičs will become the first in the Latvian championship autocross class riders who raced in two different classes: the beginning of the season started Raivis Super 2000 class (one with a variety of classes, but not salonauto framework is John Kozlovskiy, which traditionally starts the car and the Open classroom and heavy auto B6000 INCLUDING, besides Smiltenē both classes will be started in a single day). True, Grigorovičs race ended in the spring time control.

1600 is currently uncertain situation with the applicant's championship titles of Rudolf Bogen start - cēsinieks are logged in time to fight, but the incident is now resolved as a result of his own volition, the athlete is suspended the license.

The start of the season is not regular players - the last one bronze medalist Oscar Troika and this year's debut season aizvadošais Sandis Džeriņš. Both SK Vecpils squad seems to bypass Steps for technical reasons.

2000 Super: Medalists stumble, expected to debut

2000 Super season turned into a very serious 2013, the two best riders. Vice Ritvars Sword technical problems capitulated after the second phase, now is the turn of the champion, John Miščenko who ignore Smiltenes stage, abandoning the struggle for the defense of championship titles - the possibility existed in theory, but in practice, it seems, the season really written down. Meanwhile, John is going to the Baltic championship Vilkičos phase, which will take place a week after Smiltenes. If this battle succeeds to succeed, plus a successful stage Sakya, the season in the Baltic States is likely to develop a pure success. True, in the background the withdrawal Smiltenē-1, and "only" fourth place Marijampole.

Second of four phases of the startup will also last year's fourth championship winner Normunds mug. Ventspils citizen Vecpils phase ends somersault. Ed is currently the last maneuver and Ginta Astrauskas career. The startup will also Maris Lapšāns.

Currently, under the question mark has asked the rider Viesturs Danilenko start - it seems the team will deal with the technique. It is a pity specific Vauxhall Corsa car seems interesting!

On the other hand is expected to debut - Latvian championship is going to be debited, perhaps, a strong junior Tom the Great. His debut may prove to be more interesting than expected - he can be strong!

Open: fouls ranks

Open class is the only time where no good and bad surprises: all are ready to fight this year's active riders who have participated in all or at least two of the three stages of this year. Pleased that the fight will go well Ints Jeršovs, who, after the failure of OLD TOWN, leaving the second place, conceded the season to skip weekend, losing hope of a high point standings, as well as focusing Latvian rally championship. Incidentally, after this series pussezonas Ints stiff spēkojas the first place, 4WD class Jeršovs currently second.

VAZ Classics: Editorial - ready

Also headboard VAZ-class riders are ready for battle. And a driving period not go hand in Liepaja rider Gatis Libya, the lists are not well Kaspars Garkalns who Vecpils weekend took two races at once. It is surprising that the startup will Kaspars Salnājs - valmierieti trying to visit Smiltenes passing phase.

B600: The biggest surprise

It seems, however, most of the surprise Smiltenes stage Sarup champion Kevin pears, which still had chances to this year's championship title fight with Beati clip. However Bumbiers of this struggle has refused because she bought a buggy word brother Kevin Meņģelis. "The new Kevin" will debut in the championship immediately after the purchase of equipment. Championship rookie with autocross is not unfamiliar - years ago started of Kurzeme Cup, but last year removed one attempt folkreisā. It will be interesting - known that the equipment is level (shafts?), All the rider's hands. Among other things, formally turns out that four of the five titles have reached the buggies are in the hands of debutants: OLD already debuted and started Smiltenē continues John's brother Richard Baumann.

B600 class Latvian Championships held since 2009. During this time, reached the championship titles three machines: the Mengele buggies Girts Mason (2009) and Kevin Pear (2013), with Richard buggies John Baumann (2011 and 2012), but the 2010 champion reached Girts Zile.

Mengele and Baumann duel?

Beta: A quorum will be the champion!

Beta buggy class with the help of Lithuanian again failed to gather the required six members. In addition to our top five - Henilāns, pens, Jeršova, Utena, Jasons - start logged Lithuanian junior Richard Leps, who, in fact, is a player in the fight for the championship medals.

Heavy Division: Composition viewable and driving system

Although the thoughts and viewers interested in heavy fighting auto multiples, Smiltenē expected great D12 and B6000 Baltic Cup composition. In addition to the latest regulations supplement, which will be published shortly, been quite intriguing class agenda.

D12 class ready to start 11 participants, while the B6000 superbagiji immediately gathered 14! Driving the system will be adapted to the Estonian practice - two qualifying and finals, and will not be shared B6000 class qualification groups - to start all-day trips at the same time go all the athletes ready to ride! It will certainly be seen, time-saving and of interest to viewers.

It should be noted that both classes will take place in the Baltic and Estonian Championship. For this reason, the fight will go the GAZ 53 salonautomašīnas - filed seven class members.

Undoubtedly, expected an exciting fight. In addition, unlike the spring, less predictable retirements riders percentage of the fight to make better. For the championship situation and the upcoming first champions - the next description. Yes, Smiltene can be generous with premature winners of the Open, B600 and Beta buggy class!

Line to

Latvian Red Bull Kart Fight Smiltene kart race track "Teperis" 2.08.2014. Latvian Red Bull Kart Fight Smiltene kart race track "Teperis" 2.08.2014.

For the third consecutive year, the fastest and azartiskākajiem kartingistiem have the opportunity to participate in the Latvian Red Bull Kart Fight competitions!

Red Bull Kart Fight is an amateur kart racing series. At the same time it is taking place in several countries around the world and each country will meet the winner of the Red Bull Kart Fight World Cup.

To enter the competition, participants must:
1) Take the online registration *
2) The day of the competition participants need to bring a signed participant reservation
3) The registration of a valid 'ticket-to-ride' ticket. It can be obtained in Narvesen buying Red Bull četrpaku.
* If you are not registered online, you can do it on the spot.

Red Bull Kart Fight Latvian race will begin August 2, Smiltenē. The second selection phase will take place on August 10, Madona, but 333 will be open during the 23rd August. On each step of the Latvian finals will be 6 participants. Red Bull Kart Fight Latvian finals on August 31, Biķernieku track.

Registration begins at competitions. 10:00 Anyone can participate over the age of 16 who are not Latvian Automobile Federation issued a license.

This year's novelty - from 2nd to 23rd August, the shopping center parking lot is decorated Mole 333 go-kart track. In return for the 'ticket-to-ride' drivers can be installed in the best of times and the best of the Mole 2 tracks will enter the Red Bull Kart Fight Latvian finals.

Red Bull Kart Fight 2014 Regulations

1st General Terms
Red Bull Kart Fight is an amateur go-kart championship, open to anyone purchasing a "ticket to ride". Championship consists of three rounds and a final. At each stage will be selected 6 best riders. In addition, this year during the period from 02.08 to 31.08 will be able to win another 2 spot in the finals by setting the best time for the shopping center MOLS current go-kart track. Finals will meet top 20 riders, the best of which will go to the world finals!

2nd Organizer
Red Bull

3rd Race Calendar

2.8 Smiltene
8.10 Madona
23:08 333 track
2:08 to 23:08 MOLS
31.08 Biķernieki (Latvian finals)

4th Schedule matches

10:00 to 12:00 Registration;
12:00 to 17:00 Qualifying;
17:30 to 17:50 1st semifinal
17:50 to 18:10 2nd semifinal
18:30 - Awards Ceremony.

5th Agenda finale

10:00 to 11:00 Registration;
11:00 to 12:00 free practice;
12:00 to 12:20 1st semifinal
12:20 to 12:40 2nd semifinal
12:40 to 13:00 the third semifinal
1:00 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. fourth semi-finals
1:20 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Lunch
2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. The media drive
2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Freestyle motorcycle show
3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Final
16:30 - Awards Ceremony.

6th Competitors

6.1. Participation may take any ride gribētājs who has reached the age of 16.
6.2. Professional athletes with Latvian Automobile Federation issued a license has been denied participation in the championship.
6.3. Race participants before the event registration is familiar with the rental kart terms of use and good faith they follow. To be completed in the event disclaimer.
Rental kart Terms and disclaimer Annex

6th race Selection Procedures

7.1. Each participant during registration and raffle kart with whom he will be fatigued and qualifications trip.

7.2. Qualification.

7.2.1. Qualification distance is 10 laps. MOLA track 5 min.
7.2.2. Qualifying race is one of the best recorded lap time.

7.3. Competitions.

7.3.1. On the selection of the final drive trips are 16 days for the fastest racers.
7.3.2. The competition is divided into two semifinals, in which each of the participants taking part 8
Section 7.3.3. Each semi-final 3 best drivers will automatically qualify for the finals on the 31st August.
7.3.4. Race trip distance is 10 laps.

Seventh order of the final competition

7.1. At the final of the 20 best players. Each participant during registration and raffle kart with whom he will be fatigued and competitions.

7.2. Qualification.

7.2.1. Qualifying is spread over 2 trips with a duration of 15 min.

7.3. Semi-finals.

7.3.1. The distance of the semi-final of 20 laps
7.3.2 Each participating in the semi-final of 20 members, of which, every ten of the best starts next start in reverse order of 11-20 point starts as a finish line.

7.3.3 Points:
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Points 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

7.3.4 The participant with the highest score ranked first.
If the points tally is preferred rider with the fastest
qualifying time.

7.4. Finals.

7.4.4 The final drive 20 riders who participate will be listed on the starting amount of the points.

7.4.5 The final journey distance is 30 min. Is the appropriate circles

7.5. Race trial.

7.5.1. Contests courts Clerk Harold Schleghelmilch.
7.5.2. Unsportsmanlike driving case, the participant may be entitled to disqualification.
7.5.3. Track qualifying cut-off in case the lap time will not be counted.

8th Emergency

In case of emergency - emergency, etc. the track will be used flags. In case of rain on rain tires will be decided by the Clerk of the.

9th Techniques

9.1. All karts before the race will be tuned identically the same.
9.2. Prenteziju the case of a participant to go to the main judge.
9.3. Participants are prohibited to manually touch the engine during the journey.

The organizers reserve the power to amend TERMS

Saturday July 12 will be Smiltenē scooters, moped retromotocikli and Gold! Saturday July 12 will be Smiltenē scooters, moped retromotocikli and Gold!

Saturday July 12 will be Smiltenē scooters, moped retromotocikli and Gold!

Latvian mazmotošosejas Championships begin to approach the finish line. With less than a week during the past stages of the difference in Madona and Biķernieki, which only exacerbated the situation in the standings.
Madona renewed go-kart track is perfect for the two be-ing. It showed great mazmotošosejas fourth stage of the competition, which was held simultaneously with the Latvian supermoto series test. Perfect timing and a smooth race organization has allowed many trips all moped, scooter and motorcycle classification groups for the end of the day the fastest climb on a well-deserved podium. Unfortunately had to cancel a long-awaited fifth championship, Kandavas stage. A wide range of institutions as a result of action or inaction, with great fanfare once open track stand idly by denying the county youth to realize technical innovation and meaningful leisure activities. The stage was moved to Biķernieku karting track, which took place in the first race of the season.

Smiltene stage actors registration:


"8 CBR" anniversary event autocross track "Teperis" "8 CBR" anniversary event autocross track "Teperis"

"8 CBR" anniversary event autocross track "Teperis":

"Wayfarers Luste Smiltenē" on June 21 "Wayfarers Luste Smiltenē" on June 21

This summer, we invite you to enjoy the magic of the sunflower heart of Vidzeme - Smiltenē!
With the exciting holiday program, unprecedented measures encourage large and small to
"Wayfarers lustēm Smiltenē", where their 55-year anniversary with us celebrate roads and bridges
construction company "CBR 8"! Smiltene has always been rich in many years and built
streets, roads, bridges, residential houses and public buildings. Celebration will be able to watch
way of writing the show, road construction equipment receivables, Ghetto Games competitions, John Rozīša
Streetbike Freestyle show, motorcycle debts plunge artisans' market and quench your soul
Happiness Festival!
9:45 Smiltene brass band awaken the church tower of the city
At Applied Art Studio 10:00 to 16:00
We invite those who want to buy and sell, creative, art of living checkers! You will find yourself much
interesting and exciting: delve into the craft market yourself and tell the world - I'm Happy
participate in the "Fazer" vitality workshop gouge your happiness horseshoe, acquire new knowledge
of herbal teas, feast on regional competition "sweet cheese cake", enjoy the moment, to meet own
or just have a great time with smilteniešiem and guests!

10:00 to 15:00 Crafters Market
10:00 Opening of the festival along with choirs and small Smiltene dancers
10:00 to 14:00 Interactive Happiness camera. Every visitor is invited to leave a key
the phrase "I'm happy!" And maybe you'll be one of the happiest in at. 23:00
Luck lottery, open-air stage "Jāņukalns" gets a prize
11:00 to 14:00 Happy Workshop - Happiness blacksmith, dream catcher making, happiness
and other well doings
11:00 to 12:00 Z / S "Bābēni" lecture "given natural happiness" of herbal teas, medicinal plants,
vegetables and happiness
11:00 Other steaming the plant switches without bath together with a joyful and masseurs
bathhouse attendant Anna Luteri
11:00 to 16:00 Happiness Corner youth - youth stories and songs about happiness, happiness
drawing posters
12:00 to 14:30 Regional Competition "Sweet Cheese Cake"
12:30 Andrzej Reiter lecture "Happiness is the real sense of human nature" - this is done by
itself, the surrounding, the planet and the universe, being happy and how to develop themselves
13:30 Concert "vortex of Happiness" - speaks Smiltenes county amateurs
14:30 Regional Competition "Sweet Cheese Cake" award ceremony
15:00 Latvian dances "Come SADANCIS!"
3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. "drawing in Smiltene belt" - an hour with the help of those present will be created
Figure Smiltene belt, which izaudīs TLMS "Smiltene" weavers. Belt will be constructed with
each participant put the idea a story character, song or picture.
16:00 to 5:00 p.m. Concert "The wind in my wings" - the early music concert with the ancient
instruments connoisseur Eve Niman, Changeling Birch, Liene Brenci.

Church Square 10.00 - 18th 00 events run by Renars Zeltins
Welcome to the sports, Exciting, moto fans and recreation lovers! You will find yourself much
interesting and exciting - to get a tattoo or a new elegant hairstyle interior "Tom deep" bench
participate in the Ghetto Games games or hand-wrestle, photographed on the "Retro Smiltene" background plunge insoles game, enjoy the art Body art or gladden the eyes of motorcyclists
Parade, meet own or just have a great time with smilteniešiem and guests
Smiltene "background insoles plunge into the game, enjoy the art Body art or gladden the eyes of motorcyclists
Parade, meet own or just have a great time with smilteniešiem and guests!
10:00 to 12:00 Registration Floorball Ghetto Ghetto and basketball tournaments. Regulations and
10:00 Smiltenes Cup insole (Top center application at the race venue. 9.30)
10:00 to 13:00 Smiltene Klondike DART (darts) and
Kick boxing championship
10:00 to 16:00 Speedminton
11:00 to 12:00 hour Youth
Smiltene Gymnasium young Laura Vizule Smiltene center school young pop group
12:00 to 16:00 Ghetto Games
Ghetto Floorball
Ghetto Basket
Ghetto Arms armwrestling championship
Ghetto Workout street gymnastics
15:00 Retro hairstyle demonstrations at the corner photo
17:00 John and Laura Rozīša Kleibaha team Stuntfighters motto freestyle show
17:45 Ghetto Games awards ceremony
18:00 Motorcycle parade ride in the city center (Route - Peasant Yard (Abulas
Daugava and street crossing) - Church Square - Garden Street - Dakteru street - Forest Street -
Awakening street - Church Square (Castle Street) - Abulas street - the Daugava River Street - Valka rotation
circle Daugava Street - Mill Street - Station Street - Valka rotation circle - Weavers street -
Gauja street towards the center - Raina street - Riga Street - Vaļņu and Riga Street intersection)

Teper car track 13:00 to 16:00
13:00 to 16:00 Road building demonstrations, a parade of equipment, the possibility of
take a picture and board machinery, talk to the road builders
11.30 Excursion "Smiltene - traveler city" (stop at the Tourist Information Centre, the destination Teper car
15:00 Excursion "Smiltene - travelers town '(stop at Teper car route, the destination
Children's playground
10:00 to 14:00 Children morning along with the heroes of fairy house
Open-air stage "Jāņukalns"
19:00 Festive speech
Smiltene's open-air theater show "Wife wars with Beelzebub."
Directed by Agris Masen
Admission to the show - 2 euro
22:00 Lustig night party with groups - "Milky Way", Normunds Jakušonoka and "Type
Orchestra "and Latvian energetic DJ duo MBerg B2B Ansis Zvirgzdiņš
Entrance to Prom Night - 3 euros
Lustēsimies Smiltenē-
June 21 Smiltene holidays
22.jūnijsLatvija Championship 3rd stage super sprint "Midsummer Smiltenē"
23 June Midsummer Eve

Andris Jurciņš Estonia Tapas race wins 2nd place. Andris Jurciņš Estonia Tapas race wins 2nd place.

Andris Jurciņš Estonia Tapas race wins 2nd place.

Smiltenietis Andris Jurciņš Estonia, spikes, won second place in the Baltic Cup Stage 2. Estonia and autocross championship GAZ51/52 first stage:

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