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Autokross, autosprints, sacīkšu trase Smiltenē | Sporta komplekss "Teperis

Rewarding event - AUTOSPRINTS "Vasara 2018" in Smiltene, on Sunday 02.12.2018.

Sunday, December 02 at. 10.00 we invite to the AUTOSPRINTS "Summer 2018" Smiltene award ceremony, which will take place on the autocross track of the Sports Complex "Teperis". We will be winners of the 5th and the overall ranking. Come in with cars and helmets. You will be able to get on the track, boost sponsors, supporters, friends, etc. ...

29.11.2018 Lasīt

Aizvadīta LAF Krosa komisijas disciplīnu sportistu un organizatoru sapulce – LAF

Teksts 26.10.2018 Lasīt

Sapulce krosa komisijas disciplīnu sportistiem un organizatoriem – LAF

Teksts 01.10.2018 Lasīt

Event results and Practice Sessions at TSK SMILTENE

Teksts 08.09.2018 Lasīt

AUTOSPRINTS "Vasara 2018" 5.p., TSK SMILTENE, Latvia - Official Event Results, MYLAPS Speedhive

Teksts 08.09.2018 Lasīt

Aizvadītas aizraujošas autokrosa sacensības Smiltenē – LAF

Teksts 27.08.2018 Lasīt